Windows 1809 (17763) is released on 20181002

Windows 1809 was released today during the Microsoft Surface hardware announcement today.  Lots of progressive updates.

I will be posting more about 1809 features in the near future.

The most interesting note for me is that enterprises now have a 30 month window of support for fall releases.  Yes, 30 months!

Enjoy downloading today!


Windows Insider 17733 – How do I get off this build?

Solution: Run windows update via Command line wuauclt.exe /updatenow

Several of the most recent Windows Insider builds have had issues.  Mainly performance delays of an hour.  How did this miss Canary… but here we are.  Good news the 17735 build came out that looks to address the overlay issue of Settings.    Why is this important?  Well you can’t get off this bad build until you run windows update.  However, one of the bugs is the inability to run Windows update.  Catch-22?

Thankfully, NO!

Command line to the rescue. If you are running a windows 10 tablet without a keyboard here is your method.  You can skip several of these steps if you have a keyboard.

  1. Click and hold the start key (equivalent of Windows Key + X or right click)
  2. Select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  3. If you are on 17733 you might have to come back to the device in 60 minutes before you are prompted for UAC
  4. Once in PowerShell you can type CMD
  5. This will open a command prompt in C:\windows\system32
  6. Type in and execute wuauclt.exe /updatenow
  7. Wait
  8. Check start >> Reboot to see it you have a Update and Restart option
    1. If you don’t just wait or type in the keyboard command again


Marriott Lifetime Platinum Achievement Unlocked…?

Heads in beds.

A dubious distinction of a business traveler is achieving lifetime status at anything.  Million miles milestones with airlines or minimum level at a hotel chain.  In another sign of my constant wanderlust and success of my employer I have now achieved the highest lifetime status at the Marriott corporation.

Marriott SPG RItz Logo

The timing couldn’t have been better as the merger of programs SPG, Ritz Carlton, and Marriott programs occuring in 2018 means I will be among the few who are grandfathered into:

Marriot Lifetime status conversion

NOTE: Members that reach 750 nights and 10 years at Platinum by December 31, 2018 will be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status (notified January 2019). In addition, members that achieve Marriott Rewards Lifetime Platinum under the legacy requirements by year end will also be grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status. And, don’t forget that we’ll combine Lifetime activity across both Rewards and SPG toward qualification when members combine accounts in August. Beginning in 2019, qualification into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite status will not be available. See FAQs for details.


Interesting that Platinum Premier Lifetime status will not be allowed going forward.  Also nice to see Marriott changed the original statement about SPG not qualifying for Platinum Premier Elite status.

Looks like Marriott is still having some glitches as my most visited city Toronto On I have only visited once two months ago.

For everyone else here is how your status will change in August

Marriott Elite Status Transition

As a member of the first console and online gaming generation… I wonder what my next gamification of my life will be.

See you all… somewhere… soon!


FIX: “Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer ‘localhost’ because the object was not found. The object might have been deleted. Verify that the Virtual Machine Management service on the computer is running. If the service is running, try to perform the task again by using Run as Administrator.”

Opened up Hyper-V today and all of my VMs where missing… umm what?

HyperV missing 1

So I tried to connect to a server (button far right)

HyperV missing 2


 HyperV missing 3

Error Text

“Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer ‘localhost’ because the object was not found. The object might have been deleted. Verify that the Virtual Machine Management service on the computer is running. If the service is running, try to perform the task again by using Run as Administrator.”


Checked Services they are running

Checked optional components they are running

Tried to run PowerShell Get-VM… ERRORS!

Long story short it turns out that a recent uninstall had deleted a MOF


Run the following command from an Elevated (Administrator) command prompt or PowerShell.  Winkey+X >> Windows PowerShell (Admin)

MOFCOMP %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsVirtualization.V2.mof


Sometimes an uninstaller for an application has unintended consequences!  Good news it was an easy fix of just recompiling the MOF (Microsoft Object Format).  WMI is awesome but so touchy.


Workaround: Road Warrior Long logon / logoff times / Guest WIFI portal missing – What is causing them and a quick work around

I travel for work… a lot.  Which means I am connecting to a lot of WIFI networks.  Yes, I know security issues but hey I have to get work done no matter where I am.

Issue: Long logon / Logoff and Guest WIFI redirects failing

Recently, I was experiencing extraordinarily long Logon and Logoff times.  It was highly infuriating and I didn’t have a clue what was causing it.  A little digging gave me a method to see what was taking so long.  This also led me to why I couldn’t connect to wifi gateways for guest logon.

Enable Verbose Logon Status Messages

To use enable verbose status messages by editing the registry, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, and then click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
  3. Locate and then click the following registry key:
  4. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
  5. Type verbosestatus, and then press ENTER.
  6. Double-click the new key that you created, type
    1 in the Value data box, and then click
  7. Quit Registry Editor.

Note Windows does not display status messages if the following key is present and the value is set to 1:

With this enabled I noticed I was having a long time with network configurations as it was running through the entire network stack history.


The easiest method to clear the history is to run the following command line:
NBTStat -R
Note: -R is capitalized
-R (Reload) Purges and reloads the remote cache name table
Why just clear out the stack versus figure out the sort order?  Well, mainly for expediency.  Every time I connect to a network I only care about the network I am connecting to at that moment.  As the initial logon process works well… but reconnecting to a history network didn’t…

Side Effects

During the 1803 upgrade I noticed a new user logon status message I hadn’t seen before: Waiting for Workplace Connectivity.  More research coming…
2018-04-30 17.50.12

Windows 10 Feature Update 1803 – Initial deployments sneaking out?

The offical announcements for Windows 10 1803 have not gone out.  However, it looks like there are a few canaries in the coal mine getting the 1803 update directly from Windows Update.  In my case I forced a full update in the control panel and pop up comes Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803

The build number is 17134.1 which matches the most recent builds on Flighthub

For good or bad, it had NO names associated with the 1803 release.  Just New Feature Update.  So I was kind of correct here


I would expect announcements and more buzz here soon.

#WindowsInsiders #WindowsUpdate #Windows10 #WaaS #1803 #Windows1803 #Windows101803 #MVPBuzz


Windows 1803 release



WFH: Internet Speed to slow? Go speed racer go!

I work from home most of the time.  There are a lot of benefits and detriments (different article different day).  Mainly though you learn to self start and try hard not to work all hours and ignore your family.  However, internet access is critical and you don’t want to be faffing about with your main communications channel.


I noticed some VOIP issues while also doing screen sharing with Azure resources.  This has been getting worse the more smart home devices are added or when the family starts streaming while I am working.  Analysis led to a few issues.  This post is going to be about Internet Speed.


I spoiled for ISP choice here in Austin Tx.  I have always enjoyed shopping local and that includes my internet.  My local ISP keeps upping their speed and dropping their prices. They have constant competition from AT&T (Throttle kings), Spectrum (you wanted internet with that?), Google Fiber (you are paying us to sell your info), among others…

The most recent speed bump is 300 down 20 up for the slow speed.  <Warning> Put down your drink </Warning> for $35 a month.  Great news!  More speed Scotty and cheap prices!

When I ran SpeedTest.NET I was only seeing about 130 down and 20 up.  What gives?

Network - Docsis 3.0 speed


  • Checked my wifi versus wired – no real difference
  • Checked my Motorola SB6121 logs – – no errors
  • Checked multiple devices to ensure I don’t have some silly half duplex… nope


Let’s take another look at the wiring closet.

  • Router is gigabit into gigabit CAT 5 lines.
  • Machine to machine tests are great.
  • Modem specs – WAIT A MINUTE!  Max download speed 172 Mbps.. and that’s theoretical.  Oh man my trusty woot purchase is outclassed! Time for it go on craigslist!

Time to go shopping!

Side Note: CapEx Money Savings

If you have Internet provided by a cable modem (not ISDN or Fiber) go buy your own Modem.  Why?  It will save you $5 to $10 a month.  That means you can buy a super fast and stable modem and pay for it in hard dollar savings quickly!

DOCSIS 3.1: Out with the old

My old modem was to slow for today’s internet.  The old modem was 8 channels down and 4 channels up and based on DOCSIS 3.0 standards.  A quick google search finds their is a new standard DOCSIS 3.1 which can have download speeds at 2+ Gbps! and is backwards compatible.  I found a great sale on via NewEgg  (no tax in TX) and free shipping!  The Motorola MB8600 has 32 channels down and 8 up.  Plus a bunch of smarter technologies to make the network more stable.  The reviews are good, it is supported by major ISPs and it doesn’t overheat like some of the Arris modems.


Look up ISP phone number before doing anything (network is going down remember?)

  1. Unplug old modem
  2. Plug in new modem
  3. Call ISP
  4. Provide OMS code (bottom of Modem) to ISP
  5. Wait
  6. Reboot modem after firmware update
  7. Reboot router for new IP address.

200 Redux

Network - Docsis 3.1 speed

Oooo!  one issue down.  Next up tackling those WIFI dead spots!