Dark Mode in Windows 10: Ease the Eye Strain

As a frequent… okay all the time user of screens (Laptops, Monitors, Smart Phones, Smart Watches, TVs, even my thermostat) I am used to my optician telling me to stop with the eye strain.

I recently found one minor change to help with the screen time in dark rooms.  The new Windows 10 color scheme of Dark.

  1. Start >> Control Panel (gear icon second above the start button)
  2. Personalization (US spelling)
  3. Colors (2nd down left side)
  4. Scroll to the bottom and Choose your app mode >> Dark >> Apply

Every little bit helps.  Keep in mind most applications will still be white background but the Dark theme really does make my eyes happy.

Now if only I could find a way for the Mode to switch based on the ambient light sensor!

Fix: Wi-Fi guest login not found or takes to long try

A constant bane of my existence while traveling is connecting to insecure WiFi guest networks.  Yes, I avoid scam networks the best I can.

Chrome recently changes to not try and reload every tab if connection is not present. However, it always says WARNING insecure website and you have to select advanced and accept risk.

Recently I have avoided this whole multi step process by opening a new tab and URL of or  this forces the browser to find the local gateway which is where you get to enter credentials.

One day I hope connection to free wifi is as easy as Starbucks accept the EULA once and you automatically connect at every store.

Windows 10 has some new sense options but few details without reading online documentation on what wifi Sense is actually doing. Irony (n).   Well get there.

Side note: Generic click through EULA don’t hold up in court because no one reads them.   As such they are a waste of time.


Keeping at it.

ABIA: TSAPre Check line speeds in Austin

As a resident of Austin, TX and a frequent business traveler I have become intimately familiar with Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) and the TSA security.  Here is what you need to know about the 3 security entries.

If you are flying Delta, go to the left two TSAPre Check lines.

If you are flying anything else go to the Center security check point.  This has 1 or 2 (during rush) TSAPre Check lines.  The line on the left has a shorter lead up belt but tends to go faster.

AVOID: the right side security check point.  This does NOT have a TSAPre Check line.  They will give you a card but you still need to take out your liquids and electronics.  Which is slow but what is really slow is the fact you are in regular lines with pleasure travelers which means delays.  This is closest security line for united but you will end up in line for 50% more time every time.

Casper: 78 rating by Consumer Reports and $50 discount


Use your link to give your friends and family $50 towards a new Casper mattress.

I purchased my daughter her first big girl bed yesterday from Craigslist and a sweet couple with 5 year old twins moving to Sydney.  Next step is to find a mattress.  I went to Consumer Reports found the highest rated mattress with a score of 78.  That mattress just happens to be The Casper bed.  Easy enough.


This mattress performed very good in our tests of side and back support. In our durability tests this mattress performed excellently showing only minor changes in performance. The mattress’s surface was excellent at conforming to various shapes, maximizing contact with the sleeper, and it proved to be very stable, limiting the amount of vibration transmitted. This mattress was also more breathable than others potentially reducing perspiration.


We judged this mattress softer than claimed, and it lacked grips, which could make handling difficult.

Really the biggest issue is not the sleep but lack of handles?  Cool.  I can handle a twin size with no issues.  My Queen sized mattress from NovaForm doesn’t have handles either.

Happy sleeping!  Remember you spend at least a 1/3 of your life sleeping.  Get a good mattress.

Windows 10 – Inplace Upgrade SECURITY HOLE – Shift+F10

Well this has been around everywhere.  While any device is running an inplace upgrade of Windows 10 you can use the keyboard combination of Shift+F10 to open an elevated command prompt.  You do need physical access to the machine to do this but… yea.  For the fun of it I created a new local user and added it to the local admin group.  No issues.  My thinking is if you have local access then giving yourself elevated rights to login is easy.

Good news Johan Arwidmark has already sorted this issue if you use SCCM


Windows 10 – Dell Apoint.exe – Alps_SetMouseMonitorError!!

Brand new install of Windows 10 on a dell laptop I get the error


Dell Apoint.exe


ALPS / Apoint popup – bad dell touch pad driver


Unistall it.  You don’t need it. A new one will install later automatically via Windows Update

"C:\Program Files\DellTPad\Uninstap.exe" SILENT

Media Creation Tool Error – 0x80070456 – 0xA0019 when using USB formatted NTFS

media-creation-tool-errorI ran into this error tonight and was looking all over for solutions before I bothered to check the logs.  The online “Solutions” were anything but.  Troubleshooting step #1 read log files.  Solution was to reformat USB to Fat32.


After you wait all the time required to download the ISO and it starts to create the USB drive you get an error 0x8007456 – 0xA0019

If you browse to C:\$WINDOWS.~WS\Sources\Panther you will see two log files.

setuperr.log has error info

2016-12-01 18:11:01, Error MOUPG CInstallUI::GetDefaultLanguage(1715): Result = 0x80070002[gle=0x00000002]
2016-12-01 18:11:22, Error MOUPG CDlpActionGetWebSetupUserInput::GetDefaultOfferIndex(281): Result = 0x80070490[gle=0x00000715]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpActionLayoutUsb::CheckBitLocker(987): Result = 0x80070456[gle=0x00000456]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpActionLayoutUsb::PrepareUsbMedia(2222): Result = 0x80070456[gle=0x00000456]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpActionLayoutUsb::ExecuteRoutine(939): Result = 0x80070456[gle=0x00000456]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpActionImpl > > >::Execute(441): Result = 0x80070456[gle=0x00000456]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpTask::ExecuteAction(3243): Result = 0x80070456[gle=0x00000456]
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpTask::ExecuteActions(3397): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CDlpTask::Execute(1631): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::ExecuteTask(2067): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::ExecuteTask(2030): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::ExecuteDownloadMode(7194): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::ExecuteDownlevelMode(387): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:35, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::GetDUSetupResults(5249): Result = 0x80070490
2016-12-01 18:19:38, Error MOUPG CSetupManager::Execute(236): Result = 0x80070456
2016-12-01 18:19:38, Error MOUPG CSetupHost::Execute(372): Result = 0x80070456

This error means the source location was not writeable.  Low and behold my USB drive was formatted NTFS.


Reformat the USB drive to Fat32.

That’s it.   Nothing more complicated.



I did a bunch of internet searching and found this thread.


I am sad to say the fixes proposed might work for corrupt files.. but the issue is clear as mud in the log above.  Just need to make the USB readable by formatting to Fat32.

Also found a x64 of Media Creation ToolDownloading the x64 media creation tool – http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=616936