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Traveling: UK – Payment Tips – Tap that!

Traveling: UK – Payment Tips – Tap that!
Use a Contactless Payment Credit Card with no Transaction fees an you will be much better off!
Setup your phone as backup payment method.
Get VAT receipts and get a refund.
And more

Marriott: Forced Password change and MFA – Uh oh…?

Sometime after noon CT today (6/27/2019) Marriott forced me to change my password and use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Uh oh? Here’s hoping it is just Marriott being proactive and not another breach yet to be announced like the one from last year: If they are being proactive they should probably read the research that

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Workaround: Road Warrior Long logon / logoff times / Guest WIFI portal missing – What is causing them and a quick work around

I travel for work… a lot.  Which means I am connecting to a lot of WIFI networks.  Yes, I know security issues but hey I have to get work done no matter where I am. Issue: Long logon / Logoff and Guest WIFI redirects failing Recently, I was experiencing extraordinarily long Logon and Logoff times. 

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Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and SPG loyalty programs are merging – Good, Bad, How can I take advantage?

Lots of news and articles are posted about the merger of Marriott Rewards, Ritz Carlton, and SPG loyalty programs.  Here is the primary link for details about the announcement and the impending effect in August of 2018. During the live announcement Marriott stated they read a lot of blogs from the fiercely loyal.  Even

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Travel without a Real ID in 2018 will be challenging for 10 states

REAL ID Federal Enforcement Act passed by Congress in 2005 “set standards for issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses”.  This is going to be enforced in early 2018.  I am sure these 10 states will do something.. just no idea what yet? Source: Home Land Security – January 22, 2018 All non-compliant

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