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Client Health : Group Policy initiated Based Script – All those core fixes still work great with SCCM Current Branch for FREE!

It came to my attention recently in a Twitter Post by Troy Martin that client health is still a thing.  It is silly companies are trying to take your money to fix clients for SCCM by doing things that have been free since 2005 and which SCCM CB fixes really well. Here is a table from the

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ConfigMgr SCCM 2007 – How to stop advertisements with immediate effect or How to stop an errant advertisement in SMS 2003 SCCM 2007

My Cached Google fu is decently strong!  Cached source: The original from 2008 is Below.  I will be writing a new version shortly with SCCM CB solution.  Really nice stuff that the MS team introduced. In real time scenario, I have faced several instances of those we need to stop the advertisement with immediate effect to decrease impact

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MyITForum Missing Blogs – Big Red Stop Button (BRSB)

Hi all, I am currently trying to dig up my article from 2008 about the different methods to stop an errant software deployment via SCCM.  If anyone has it please let me know.  Here is the original blog location – The best I can find is the 2010 MMS Birds of a feather by Kim

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Collect SMART hard drive status in ConfigMgr inventory

Recently while working through preflight checks for Windows 10 (W10) Redstone 1607  deployment we realized there were some spinning platter drive failures.  To help identify potentially failing machines we were looking for the Hard Drive Smart status field.  Turns out it is not gathered by default in SCCM.  The following walks you through it. WIN32_DiskDrive

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Solution: Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013, O365) prompts me for credentials each time I open

Background When your IT administrators update their exchange server or you switch to a new DNS alias or up in the cloud windows adds these new Generic Credentials into the Credentials Vault of your user account.  When more than one exists for a single account Outlook gets confused and prompts you. Solution Close Microsoft Office Windows 7 and

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Music Library Cleaning with PowerShell – Removing Missing Files from iTunes

At the bottom of this post I originally wrote a VBS that deletes files out of ITunes if the location does not exist.  I did the rewrite into PowerShell… (new-object –com itunes.application).LibraryPlaylist.Tracks | ?{ $_.Location -eq $null } | %{ $_.Delete() }   The PowerShell above only removes the item out of ITunes if the

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Resolved: Microsoft Office 2010 Copy and Paste Stopped Keeping Source Formatting if Skype Click to Call is Installed

Written in 2011 –   I noticed recently that my copy and paste in Microsoft Office 2010 stopped keeping the source formatting.  It was only allowing the paste of text only.  If you were to check for paste special it would show only a capital A. I noticed that if you closed all internet browsers

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