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Marriott: Forced Password change and MFA – Uh oh…?

Sometime after noon CT today (6/27/2019) Marriott forced me to change my password and use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Uh oh? Here’s hoping it is just Marriott being proactive and not another breach yet to be announced like the one from last year: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/30/tech/marriott-hotels-hacked/index.html If they are being proactive they should probably read the research that

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Fix: Wi-Fi guest login not found or takes to long try

A constant bane of my existence while traveling is connecting to insecure WiFi guest networks.  Yes, I avoid scam networks the best I can. Chrome recently changes to not try and reload every tab if connection is not present. However, it always says WARNING insecure website and you have to select advanced and accept risk.

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Marriott and SPG: Better together if you have Status

As of September 2016 Marriott purchased SPG.  If you have status  with any of the following (high enough) then you have status at them all! Marriott SPG Delta United Marriott Platinum or SPG Platinum gives you the other. http://Members.marriott.com Marriott Platinum Status gives you United Silver – https://mrrewardsplus.com United Mileage Plus Gold or Higher Gives you Marriott

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