3M Half Marathon: 100 Day countdown clock

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I found the Covid 20 lbs over the past 18 months.

I know I work best towards goals.

I have 100 days to go from here (you always start here) to Jan 23rd 2022 3M Half Marathon Point to Point in Austin TX.

What information should you know?

  • I maxed out at 235lbs.
  • I stopped my Gym Membership in March 2020
  • Work has been constantly increasing
  • Kids are getting huge
  • I was drinking more than usual during Covid

What have I changed?

  • I stopped drinking on Sept 24th
    • Will I drink again? Yes.
    • I like to drink on special occasions.
    • When you drink frequently it just doesn’t feel special. Great reason to stop. So I did.
    • I actually stop drinking every 4th month (started in 2020)
  • I am going to do the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training
  • I track my exercise on Strava
  • I have already lost 7 lbs in 3 weeks. – Currently At 228
  • I track my food on myfitnesspal

What to expect next?

  • Running provides a lot of time to think.
  • Expect several more blogs about personal things and running etiquette.


  • I would like to finish the half in under 2:30
    • My fastest ever was 1:42
    • Sub 2 would be a great goal
  • I would like to lose 1 lb per week (14 weeks left)
  • I would like to put this back into my habits that I used to have
  • I would like to be 199 or less again (last time was 2013)

Why will this be interesting?

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago I was really passionate about fitness. I miss it. Lots of reasons I have fallen out of touch. Family, Kids, Work, life, all the common reasons. I want this to be part of my life again.

Athlinks has tons of my stats

200706 HyVee Triathlon

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