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FIX: “Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer ‘localhost’ because the object was not found. The object might have been deleted. Verify that the Virtual Machine Management service on the computer is running. If the service is running, try to perform the task again by using Run as Administrator.”

Opened up Hyper-V today and all of my VMs where missing… umm what? So I tried to connect to a server (button far right) POPUP ERROR   Error Text “Hyper-V encountered an error trying to access an object on computer ‘localhost’ because the object was not found. The object might have been deleted. Verify that

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Resolved: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709 – Error 0x80242006

Working with some of my team mates this week, I was hearing about multiple machines failing the Fall Creators Update (FCU) 1709 with a Windows Update error of ” Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709 – Error 0x80242006 ” .  Looking around the internet I see a lot of people hitting the common solutions

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WAAS: Naming Structure Not-So-Secret Decoder Ring

In the past year we have had a lot of Nomenclature Changes for Windows As A Service (WAAS).  The following slide from Ignite 2017 really clears it up.  Just like designer MUD in a SPA. How often Office and Windows updated? What versions of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr / SCCM) supports 1709 next

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) Deprecated Features – PowerShell 2.0 is EOL among others

Fall Created Update (2017 RS3 1709) will be removing some more security holes.  I wonder if some of these are in response to the SMB1 fiasco (WannaCry for example). TLS RC4 ciphers. The SCCM Windows Hello deployed feature which has been replaced with the Registration Authority of Active Directory Federation Services SysKey.exe gone in favor

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Free eBooks from Microsoft   Free eBooks.. get em while they are … free! Including: Windows 10 Office 365 Office 2016 Power BI Azure Windows 8.1 Office 2013 SharePoint 2016 SharePoint 2013 Dynamics CRM PowerShell Exchange Server System Center Cloud SQL Server and more!

WI 15048: SCCM Control Panel Applet missing – Command line to run it

With the improvements to the control panel the Configuration Manager Control Panel Applet (CPL) has disappeared.  To add insult to injury the default location of the SCCM client is not indexed nor in the system path. Open the Configuration Manager CPL c:\windows\ccm\SMSCFGRC.cpl SMS back from the dead 🙂  I always wondered if the files were

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Client Health : Group Policy initiated Based Script – All those core fixes still work great with SCCM Current Branch for FREE!

It came to my attention recently in a Twitter Post by Troy Martin that client health is still a thing.  It is silly companies are trying to take your money to fix clients for SCCM by doing things that have been free since 2005 and which SCCM CB fixes really well. Here is a table from the

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