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Marriott: Forced Password change and MFA – Uh oh…?

Sometime after noon CT today (6/27/2019) Marriott forced me to change my password and use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Uh oh? Here’s hoping it is just Marriott being proactive and not another breach yet to be announced like the one from last year: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/30/tech/marriott-hotels-hacked/index.html If they are being proactive they should probably read the research that

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#HASMUG16 Automate Securing Windows 10 – It starts with UEFI -Compelling events

Today I had a wonderful time speaking at HASMUG.  One of the biggest issues is getting to Windows 10 securely which starts with UEFI configured and Secure Boot enabled.  I will write a blog post about the need for that security shortly.  This post are the links to resources about compelling events to go to

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