Edge Insider Chromium First (Official) Public Build Available and First Impressions

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As many have seen official announcements that Microsoft’s newer versions of Edge will be utilizing the open source Chromium Engine.  Several private builds leaked out in late March (don’t use those).  Today the public beta (preview | Insider) builds are available. 

Good News

This does NOT replace Edge but allows you to run Chromium Edge side by side!  Will not break your day to day tasks in Edge.

The following is only first impressions.

Start Here: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com

The website provides you with a download link to an EXE.  MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe.  ~1.5 MB is the size of the boot strap loader.  File version is


First thing is a slightly blank screen then it goes into download and install.

Curved tabs!

Only two questions to get yourself setup

  1. Import bookmarks.  Mine grabbed from my chrome install and not IE nor Edge.
  2. New Tab Layout.  Pretty picture, normal clickbait, and minimal

Home Screen Choices

Initial Open has 8 process. 

Two tabs.  One blank one of the traditional landing page. Notice the rest CPU is 0% unlike Chrome which generally runs about 10

Details about Edge Page

Make sure you click the button to show more.  All the limitations are listed but NOT by default.  #Smooth

I’ll give it a bash for a bit.  As always this is preview software.  Provide feedback or it will not improve. 

Happy Insider

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