Informed: NvFBCPluginWindow is Preventing Windows From Shutting Down

NvFBCPluginWindow Preventing you from shutting down is annoying but safe to ignore.


Summary: Safe to ignore

I frequently get a few random applications preventing my Windows 10 device from going to sleep.  The one that has always been the most elusive has been NvFBCPluginWindow.  I know it has to do with Nvidia but I am not sure what part of the driver package was blocking.  Sometimes the process was called G (Scary). Uninstalling drivers doesn’t help… so it is part of the default driver as well.  Hmm.

Terminology Time

ShadowPlayNVIDIA’s proprietary recording method. Captures the framebuffer without any impact to the Graphics API
NvFBCNvidia Full Frame Buffer Capture.  Captures the entire framebuffer (fullscreen)
NvIFRNVIDIA In-Band Frame Render.  Single application / window.  No upscaling
NvENCNVIDIA Encoder.  H.265 (Default is H.264)

What does that mean?

NVIDIA graphics card have a very efficient method for recording and encoding what is displayed on the screen without having an impact to the Graphics card rendering via Graphics API.

How do I disable this?

GeForce Experience Drivers

Dell with Quadro

I don’t have the GeForce experience drivers installed just the WHQL drivers from windows update.  The interface does not have the ability to turn this off.  I have read a few posts about command line modifications but those appear to leave security holes.

Summary: do I care?

It is annoying but it is not harmful.  Simple case of “The More You Know”

Image result for the more you know

2 comments on “Informed: NvFBCPluginWindow is Preventing Windows From Shutting Down”

    1. This software plugin is part of the hardware vendor driver set. Think of this like a tool in your toolbox. The ability for others to screen scrape / grab / hack your device is independent of this hardware vendor software. Please take a look at Microsoft Defender or other 3rd party vendors to work to prevent others from recording your screen.


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