Delivery Optimization: Disk and Network Utilization

As many of you know I work for a company that basically started the Enterprise Management Peer to Peer at scale solution. 1E ( wrote the Alternate Content Provider (ACP) specification at the request of Microsoft over 15 years ago. That game is won by 1E. Several cheap versions exist but they all fail at scale. The following is some thoughts about Delivery Optimization (DO) included in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has multiple peer sharing technologies. Branch Cache, Peer Cache, O365, Delivery Optimization, etc. Over the years the siloed area’s of Microsoft would write their own solutions. With Windows 10 we are seeing lots of overlap and improvement. Summary, lots of very smart people wrote lots of similar solutions to do very specific things for specific microsoft problems or areas. Clean up and improvements from open source and standardized communities are coming to W10.

Delivery Optimization (DO)

Is a Microsoft Peer to Peer Solution that utilizes an International Organization for Standardization (ISO – CH translation gets Initialism in this order) for a congestion control. What does that mean? It means if you send out lots of network packets and the network gets busy it adds latency (a delay) before sending more or a smaller amount. Cool. So if I flood the network it has an algorytm to back off (algebra in the real world). Huh. So it is intentionally trying to use ALL of my resources and bandwidth until something else takes priority then it slows itself down. Oh so, its like those screensavers in the 90s that searched for extraterrestrial life or folded genes. These days looks for bitcoin. Got it. Use idle available resources until something takes priority.

What is the name of this algorithm? LEDBAT. Really?

Walk softly and carry a LEDBAT? Okay.

Where did it come from…. BITTORRENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh. I get it. Yea, that does allow me to transfer HUGE files across the internet from multiple sources concurrently. That protocol has cornered the market.

Wait, does that mean when I use DO in W10 for Microsoft Store or Updates I am pulling from random other computers on the internet? Yes. Can I control that? yes. Oh good.

Local Network. What does that mean? It means site defined boundaries by Configuration Manager or my local subnet. VPN can be turned on to be used as well. VPN is interesting option as most VPN solutions provide an isolated single IP subnet. Not much benefit there without other implications to my enterprise.

….Wait does that mean I am sharing to random machines on the internet as well? Yes. Can I control that? Maybe? Ummm. No options in GUI no GPO nor MDM –


Last question: Did Microsoft come up with a new name for a normal standard? Yep. LEDBAT++ or Windows LEDBAT.

What do I need to have to run DO?

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Server 2019 at least.

Configuration Manager has started to use DO between Site Servers and updates on clients that is interesting as well.

Lots of cool things coming this way. Lots of great blogs on tweaks to not take down your network (highly recommend looking at

This should be interesting. Nice to see Microsoft using the best of breed standard.


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