Where’s Shaun?

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Hi all,

I know I have been quiet recently.

I have a pretty good series of reasons.  Business has been super up tempo (happens when you have great solutions that work technically and not just venture capital marketing), I was promoted to a Principal (not Principle) with a territory of Most of US (excluding the Eastern Seaboard), my team is three resources down (we are hiring), and I have been traveling like crazy to make it all work.  How much travel.. well I have status on 4 airlines and this is how many nights at just the Marriott Brand of hotels… 149 (remember this excludes conferences as those don’t count)

Not to worry I have:

  • A good 20 blogs in flight (need to be edited for length and ‘Murican).
  • I have been working on a book tentatively entitled “What color is your cloud?”.
  • I have several new pieces of hardware to post reviews and specifications.
  • I have been traveling and speaking like a mad person, expect a few more posts about travel.

Last but not least I have 17 days of use or lose it vacation so I can focus on these kind of side projects!  Yea free time!

So Expect a lot before the end of the year!

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