Fix: Wi-Fi guest login not found or takes to long try

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A constant bane of my existence while traveling is connecting to insecure WiFi guest networks.  Yes, I avoid scam networks the best I can.

Chrome recently changes to not try and reload every tab if connection is not present. However, it always says WARNING insecure website and you have to select advanced and accept risk.

Recently I have avoided this whole multi step process by opening a new tab and URL of or  this forces the browser to find the local gateway which is where you get to enter credentials.

One day I hope connection to free wifi is as easy as Starbucks accept the EULA once and you automatically connect at every store.

Windows 10 has some new sense options but few details without reading online documentation on what wifi Sense is actually doing. Irony (n).   Well get there.

Side note: Generic click through EULA don’t hold up in court because no one reads them.   As such they are a waste of time.


Keeping at it.

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