Fix: Renaming American Airlines Reservations

AIn the past year or so the AA website or mobile app changed but you can no longer change a Reservation Trip Name.  This has become and issue for me as I almost always fly through DFW.   That means I have 4 trips that are all called AUS/DFW like

Departure Date Depart from Status Reservation Name
11/01/16 AUS Ticketed on 10/27/16 AUS/DFW
11/04/16 AUS Ticketed on 10/10/16 AUS/DFW
11/10/16 AUS Ticketed on 10/27/16 AUS/DFW
11/16/16 AUS Ticketed on 11/01/16 AUS/DFW

While on the line with an American Airlines (AA) tech support person who did not get the difference between Reservation Name and person flying nor did they appear to speak English as a top 3 language I was able to find a solution

  1. Open (Login)
  2. Navigate to your reservations (my trips)
  3. Open up the trip you want to rename
  4. Use the following link to change the name<NEW NAME>
  1. Page will load to a blank page (this is good)
  2. Go back twice (to list of reservations) and see that you can now understand your trip!

Don’t use any special characters as it will truncate the rename.

I have found naming my trips by the ending airport code works best.  At least then I know where I am going… if not why 🙂

An offical response is here:


Author: shauncassells

Shaun Cassells, Senior Solutions Engineer, 1E Shaun is a Microsoft MVP Windows Insider MVP and executive at Central Texas Systems Management User Group (CTSMUG). Shaun is a frequent speaker at conferences like MMS, Gartner, TechEd Europe, TechEd North America, IT Dev Connections, System Center Rallies, and Systems Management User Groups (SMUGs). Shaun is an award winning blogger syndicated from Shaun specializes in analysis, optimization, and design of Tactical Solutions to Strategic Business Goals. Prior to joining 1E in 2010, he worked for a Global 100 company as the Configuration Manager Service Owner and Architect. Recently as a Principle Consultant at 1E, he accomplished design, review, and improvements to a variety of Configuration Manager environments from the very small to sites with a half million seats. He provided leadership that created a patented automated application rationalization and usage based OSD mapping solution in use by multiple fortune 500 companies. These days you can find Shaun traveling to help discover, review, and improve business productivity across the world.

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