USMT Estimate when really small should be set to a value of 1 during an SCCM OSD TS

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Problem: USMT Estimate tool rounds to a value of Zero if the value is less than 1 meg


I have been playing with the User State Migration Tool (USMT) Estimate switch recently.   USMT Estimate has been around since 2008 at least.   I found a scenario where the size returned may be less than 1 meg but above zero.  However, the USMT estimate return apparently rounds down to zero and may cause issues.


During an OSD TS in SCCM you run a variation of the following command line

ZTIUserStateEstimate.wsf /USMTMigFiles001:MigApp.xml /USMTMigFile002:MigUser.xml

This populates a SCCM TS variable


Check out the free tool called TSEnv2.exe to read and modify variables on the fly (even hidden or protected ones)


Add a Set Taks Sequence Variable step to the TS just after the USMT Estimate step


  1. Task Sequence Variable = USMTEstimate
  2. Value = 1


On the Options Tab create a quick logic test.

  1. Add Condition
  2. Task Sequence Variable
  3. Variable = USMTEstimate
  4. Less than
  5. Value = 1


This will sort the issue of very small USMT data being dropped.  True it does force every machine to have at least one bit of backed up data but that is a minor concern if you have 1E Nomad Peer backup Assistant or SCCM State Migration Points everywhere.


Great Reference

Great script from Jason Sandys to add it to your HINV –


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